The final answer: is Nessie?

8f960da20b70da5660d255e53efcc403 - The final answer: is Nessie?

Edinburgh – After centuries of speculation is now fast becoming the definitive answer: is the Loch Ness monster?

DNA specialists will take next month samples of the water in the Scottish highlands. And about a couple of months, we know exactly what is living now, and what swam in the famous lake of Great Britain.

Already in the year 565 was by an Irish missionary, the first mention of ’a huge monster’. World famous was a photo from 1934 by colonel Robert Kenneth Wilson. The image of the gynecologist took out the Daily Mail and the ’Nessie’-the fever flared again in all its intensity.

In the course of time, there are 1000 people who ’know for sure’ that the monster exists. In 2001, it was photographer James Gray, who stated that he was fishing on the lake, THE monster had seen.

There is even a real Loch Ness watcher: Steve Feltham has a whopping 24 years, the more studied. His conclusion: probably it is a European catfish which 170 kilos, almost three meters long and sixty year old can be.

One of the theories is that Nessie is a last descendant of the Plesiosauria, a reptielensoort that some 210 million years ago, lived on earth.

According to professor Neil Gemmell from a New Zealand university that the research is now going to run, there is no escape for the legend. Everything that moves in the water, pieces of home, fur and feathers behind. In an earlier test was a single fish identified in a twenty kilometres and more.

The results will be compared to the water of the nearby lochs. A striking sample comes directly from.

However, Gemmell is under no illusions that the legend will disappear. Only the thousands of tourists who annually, at the edge of the 37 kilometers long, more standing, staring, already produce a lot of money on. And what should the official contact point where anyone can tell that they are really the monster have seen?

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