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Stellar lumen: implementation of the Lightning network for December announced

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After Stellar lumen step-by-established step to an Alternative to ICOs, has announced the development team for the end of this year, the implementation of the Lightning network. This step will relieve the pressure on the Mainnet and transactions faster and cheaper.

On Monday, the 19.03.2018, have announced the development of the licker of the Stellar project, in an Update of the Roadmap and specifying the technical resources, the implementation of the Lightning network.

Lightning is a technological Upgrade that allows transactions Off-Chain, without burdening the resources of the Mainnets. As a result, the speed of the network is increased significantly.

The developers claim that Lightning would still work better and more robust, as in the case of Bitcoin and similar Coins:

any operation you can execute on the Stellar network (such as not only payments, but also creating, deleting, or changing permissions on accounts)…within a payment channel.

Stellar’s state channel implementation relies on the fact that every Stellar transaction specifies a source account and a sequence number. We’ve figured out how to use those sequence numbers as a natural versioning mechanism for off-chain payments; it’s similar to how your bank gets alerted for out-of-order cheques.

Furthermore, it is possible to be different crypto currencies against each other (“Atomic Swaps”), without a platform, or a third party is necessary. to carry out the transaction.

As we previously reported, was provided for the implementation of the Lightning network already in the Roadmap for this year. Nevertheless, it is in our view important that there is already accurate data were announced. Stellar wants to bring to the 01.10.2018 a Beta Version and until the 01.12.2018 the full Release is on the way.

The price of Stellar is within the last 24 hours and 9,46 per centincrease.
With a Marktktapitalisierung of almost 4 billion euros of Stellar lumen of rank 8 of the largest crypto evidenced currencies.

The Stellar Blockchain is increasingly becoming a serious Alternative for the alignment of the ICOs. Nevertheless, the distribution in comparison to Ethereum or NEO is still low. The further development of the project will show whether it can prevail in the long term in the crypto market.

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