Spain sees nothing in landentoernooien FIFA

ff679aa1dbfc6db6c62f046b398c3f93 - Spain sees nothing in landentoernooien FIFA

The plans of FIFA for two new landentoernooien in Spain on low gain approval.

Gianni Infantino can not count on the support of the Spaniards.


Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, will find that even more tournaments and competitions in the football world.

“It is my job to make the voetbalindustrie in Spain to protect these tournaments in damage to the football only. This is at the expense of the national competitions”, said Tebas at the Financial Times. “It seems that we go back to the time of the ‘old’ FIFA, where decisions were taken in very small committees, and there is no transparency.”

Earlier also talked to other big football against the ideas of FIFA president Gianni Infantino. The Swiss calls for a comprehensive version of the world cup for club teams and the arrival of a mini-world cup with eight top countries in place of the Confederations Cup.

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