South Koreans not to closure testing site

d1037162cf1c39fdd13f2de483235c2e - South Koreans not to closure testing site

BEIJING – South Korean journalists this week not present at the closing of the North Korean nuclear testing site. The authorities in North Korea gave no green light for the arrival of reporters from the southern neighbor.

Journalists from media from countries like the United States, Russia and China stepped out Tuesday in Beijing on the plane to North Korea. They allowed the dismantling attend Punggye-ri, where the North Koreans nuclear tests carried out.

Pyongyang had initially also South Korean journalists invited. The North Koreans gave are not at home when South Korea, the list of selected reporters wanted to pass, message, news agency Yonhap.

The South Korean authorities called it “disappointing and regrettable” that the journalists therefore can not be present at the conclusion of the testing site. Journalists from South Korea, according to Yonhap in vain to Beijing traveled in the hope that North Korea is at the last moment, still permission would give.

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