Should a figurehead of the left, a villa?

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The party leader of the left-radical party Podemos has with his girlfriend, a villa of 600,000 euros bought. By the commotion that the message has caused, they put their political future in the hands of the Podemos members. Who may vote on the question of whether a left-wing leader of such a villa may possess.

The scratch is in there, in Podemos. Last week, reported the website that the prinsenpaar of the Spanish radical left-wing party recently, a villa of more than 600,000 euros – including 2,000 square …

The scratch is in there, in Podemos. Last week, reported the website that the prinsenpaar of the Spanish radical left-wing party recently, a villa of more than 600,000 euros – including 2,000 square meters of land, a swimming pool and a guest house – has bought. She stands in Galapar, a half hour’s drive from Madrid, in a residential, a privileged zone, in the vicinity of a nature reserve, adds the site to it.

Party leader Pablo Iglesias (39) and his girlfriend, Irene Montero (30) – also the spokeswoman of the parliamentary group around Podemos – are two well-known faces of the radical left-wing party. Podemos has arisen from the indignant burgerbewegingen – the indignados – who, in 2011 in Spain, war against capitalism and banking system. In the program of Podemos is, among others, the introduction of a basic income and a social housing programme.

Life as the ordinary man, without a high salary

Many members crabs in their hair and wonder if the figureheads of the party there are two criteria hold: a for the party and one for themselves. The Podemos-the mayor of Cádiz, José María González, sneered that he had been privileged enough felt in his neighbourhood in Cádiz. In a press release, he wrote that the ethical code of the party more than a formality. “We have agreed that we would live like the ordinary man, and waiver of certain benefits, such as a high salary.’ González also pointed out that he was forty percent of his earnings to a welfare organization has surrendered.

Iglesias and Montero should be by the dust. On the social media, they are the Spanish Kirchners, collages on Twitter is a thick Iglesias with cigar in his mouth in a foam bath or he rides in a Mercedes with a Che Quevara-sticker on his hood. Some of the old sayings of the politically radical Iglesias were massively shared. In 2012, he had taken out to the former minister of the Economy, which is a penthouse of 600,000 euros had purchased. In an interview he had shame spoken of politicians who, in their villa in the suburbs in their bubble had no idea of how the ordinary people lived.

Burgermannetje with garden and swimming pool

For his opponents, the gap between the words and deeds of Iglesias too large. He now appears to be a burgermannetje that a house with a garden with a swimming pool it pursues. In a long post on his Facebook page defends the charismatic leader the purchase of the villa. He gives a detailed insight into the finances of his family: a mortgage of 540.000 euros on a thirty year mean 800 euros per month per person and that we can with our income – roughly 2,000 euros that have been approved by Podemos – pay.

He stresses that the property is the primary residence for them and the twins to come. Bought to live, not to speculate, as the luxeloft of 600,000 euros that the ex-minister of Economy had purchased. In an attempt to get the furniture to be saved, he writes: “We know that many Spanish families, even those with two incomes, as a mortgage can not afford, and therefore, it is important that we fight for dignified wages for everyone.”

Discussion about caviar-the left splits party

Saturday, Iglesias and Montero that the members of the party have the last word on their future. The couple has prepared their political position as the Podemos members find that the villa is not compatible with their mandate. But that proposal is not everywhere in the good soil. Madrid Podemos-ships in Madrid, Isidro López, accuses the couple of them that they are the party wants to ruin it. He believes that they are with the plebiscite their whims want to identify yourself. Others, such as the co-founder Juan Carlos Monedero, asking themselves out loud whether the need is to as a left-wing politician in a working-class neighbourhood to live in. The discussion about caviar-the left splits the party, and it is now certain that Podemos here not unscathed.

Normally be in 2020 in Spain parliamentary elections were held, and then wants to Podemos. If Iglesias and Montero a step aside, loses the party’s two charismatic figures who votes. But if the telegenieke politicians with their villa in Galapagar the figureheads of the party, in a lot of poor Spanish living rooms with a smile on the swimming pool to be spoken.

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