’Rohingya post committed mass murder’

1659916adbc254f1f4a8fb59f39adda1 - ’Rohingya post committed mass murder’

DHAKA – A rebel group from the besieged muslim population in the west of Myanmar, the ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army), was guilty of mass murder. The human rights organization Amnesty International has reported that new evidence makes it clear that Rohingya militants last year, certainly one slaughter have caused among men, women and children who are hindu.

Rohingya men during prayer.

This massacre alone to nearly a hundred civilian casualties. The ARSA has more hindu villagers kidnapped and murdered and the atrocities committed against other non-muslim residents of the northern part of the state of Rakhine, concludes Amnesty,

The Rohingya are themselves already for a long time the victim of ’crimes against humanity’, committed by the armed forces of Myanmar. That would make the region ethnically like purify, according to observers. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to Bangladesh fled.

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