Rico Verhoeven’t go to the Efteling

1b57667ea0bb82830f3180fa458083d1 - Rico Verhoeven't go to the Efteling

Rico Verhoeven will find the Efteling theme park is very fun, but the martial artist gets so much attention in the fairyland that it is the experience of his children limited.

“To the Efteling, we are no more, the last time I was there the whole day on the picture. I think that’s fantastic to hear, I’m actually just as excited as the fans. Only I am with my family away. For the kids is sometimes difficult, they need dad suddenly sharing with the rest of the world,” says Verhoeven in an interview in Viva.

As someone with him on the photograph, says Verhoeven never really no. “Unless I am eating; I’m not cold let it be because you were with me on the photo, sorry.”


The 29-year-old kickbokser and reigning world champion in the zwaargewichtsklasse of Glory has also noticed that he had more attention from women, but there pricks he easy to navigate.

“Because why would all these people with you? Because they like it, because they you handsome because you have a lot of money, because you are famous. It is not real. My wife I know she was already with me before I was known.”


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