Rejected directors Solo to make new film

edc30e5179085fc334ce0115544b0a6e - Rejected directors Solo to make new film

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are going for studio Sony, a new animated film. The Mitchells vs the Machines tells the story of a family on the roadtrip continues as the machines the power to take over the world. The Mitchells are the only people that the insurgency can settle; they will their personal issues aside to take to succeed in this goal.

The film will be out in early 2020 will be released in cinemas, reports the website The Wrap. It is the first new project announced since Miller and Lord were fired as director of the new Star Wars film Solo.

The products of the Star Wars series took the comic approach of the two, which was previously The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street made, still not working for the spin-off on the iconic hero Han Solo. Director Ron Howard made the project then.

Solo: A Star Wars Story runs from Wednesday, in the cinemas. Miller and Lord have a credit as executive producer.

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