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NEO: NEP5 tokens soon on Binance traded, a partnership between the Red Pulse and NEON Exchange

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For the Ecosystem of NEO there is to report two good news. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, has declared via Twitter that NEP5-Token can soon be on Binance traded. In addition, the NEON Exchange has announced a partnership with Red Pulse (RPX). So the Red Pulse will be the first NEP5-based, decentralized App on the NEON Exchange.

NEO was in the last two months of the winners on the crypto currency market. In spite of the bear market, NEO was able to defend his course, relatively speaking, good. The price of the NEO Coin has fallen in the last month, only 13 per cent. In comparison, a Ripple had to be recorded in the same period, a decline of approximately 61 percent, Bitcoin to 47 percent, and Ethereum to 37 percent.

Already almost a week ago, we reported on the NEON Exchange (NEX) and the new, the future role of GAS in the NEO-Ecosystem. The NEX is a decentralized exchange platform that combines the benefits of a centralized Exchange with the confidentiality and the security properties of a decentralized stock exchanges. Expected to be in the 1. Quarter of 2018, widr give it to a ICO for the NEX-Token. This year will be added to the platform, NEO, NEX and Gas as “base pairs”, these currencies against other Crypto (including the NEP5-Token) trading.

NEP5 tokens soon on Binance, Red Pulse

Another new piece of positive news the Listing of the NEP5 Token on Binance.

With the future Listing on the second largest crypto-currency exchange Binance (by trading volume), seems to be NEO to have a further important step in the direction of awareness and accessibility for the NEP5-Token is created.

NEP-5 is a Token-the Standard for the NEO-Blockchain (similar to the ERC-20 Standard of Ethereum), which is a generalized interaction mechanism for Token-based Smart Contracts ready.

The other, last known message relates to the NEON Exchange (NEX). Yesterday it was announced that a new partnership between NEX and Red Pulse (RPX).

The partnership between the Red Pulse and the NEON Exchange means, the first NEP5-based, decentralized App on NEX. In the context of the announcement on Reddit, the Team of the Red Pulse has informed:

By establishing partnerships in key markets, NEX will be able to provide decentralized fiat gateways, addressing a major pain point in the crypto markets today. The NEX payment service enables third-party smart contracts on the NEO to send and receive global assets such as NEO and GAS. […] NEX will also aim to develop a solution that will be embedded within the Red Pulse platform, allowing for seamless purchasing of RPX using conventional credit cards to directly convert to fiat, and deposit to users’ bank accounts using the integrator on NEX’s network.

NEX will, therefore, develop in the framework of the partnership, a RPX Integration, the seamless acquisition of RPX by credit card, as well as A Deposit and withdrawal in Fiat allows and RPX in the NEO/ GAS Ecosystem.

Red Pulse is a Chinese project, market and company research, mainly concentrated in China. Red Pulse would like to create a platform where everyone can participate and its analysis, against a remuneration in the RPX can offer. The data for the analyses are collected by machine Learning (Deep Learning) automated and thus form the basis for the “freedom” of the analysts.

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