Marjolein from Blind Married start action against bullying

3ef1e7e4aae35c9e016ba48548e80809 - Marjolein from Blind Married start action against bullying

‘Blind Married’: it was not what it had been for Marjoram. A marriage did they not and into the bargain she was the center of many online haatreacties. With her initiative #stoppesten she wants to draw attention to cyber bullying against adults.

Itself, she was not really focused on the reactions of its participation. Her friends were always know what there on social media appeared. But, it didn’t stop there. “Later, I was attacked via sms messages and e-mails,” she says in Humo. Things like ‘you do not deserve to live’ and ‘you deserve no love’, were under her nose pushed. “A 12-year-old boy sent me a message: ‘bitch!’. I felt pain, sadness, anger, and fear, all at the same time”, she adds.

As a careers advisor came to say, which is often in contact with workers who are being bullied. “Cyberbullying is a fairly new phenomenon, there I would like to focus on,” said Marjoram. With her project, and wants Marjolein her bad experience, transform them into something positive. Under the heading of #stoppesten she will give readings to the fight against cyber-bullying. So she wants to mainly create awareness so that people dare to speak out that they are being bullied.

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