Kendrick Lamar humiliates fan on stage after n-word

044ae044854b6a71b75024414209df9b - Kendrick Lamar humiliates fan on stage after n-word

Delaney is a big fan of Kendrick Lamar and a lot of that the rapper her on the stage asks. Unsuspecting, she sings the lyrics, to Lamar the music stops.

Kendrick Lamar

The incident happens at Hang Out Fest in Alabama. As the rapper often do, he invited a fan on stage for a piece of the number m.A.A.d city to rapping. Delaney turned out to be the lucky one. But after a few lines of the song falls quiet for a moment.

“I’m not cool enough for you? What’s up bro?”, she asks ad rem. In which Kendrick Lamar, explaining that they have the word nigger in his song lyrics had to ” bleepen’. The public jouwt her now and make her out to bitch. Delaney gets a second chance of the singer. But if they are after a while yet again made a mistake, and the n-word, sings, is in the past. Completely against her sense, she must be the stage leave.

The action is the singer resented. One takes the blame him that he and the girl on stage calls, and so knew where he started. Also, they can’t appreciate the fact that he is the girl for the ’whole world’ humiliates, making them, according to some, even its twitter account already had to remove because of the many haatopmerkingen that they got.

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