Jochem van Gelder got no signature of Beatrix

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Jochem van Gelder asked, ever the signature of, then queen, Beatrix. But the queen had at the time to appear here, absolutely not amused.

Van Gelder called the meeting 2004 one of his “biggest uitglijers”.

“The Jostiband Orchestra gave in the Grote Kerk in The Hague a one-off concert for the queen, and I got to the lot to talk to each other. (…) After the end if the Jostiband and I still have to see the queen walk for a short meeting,” says the presenter, in an interview in Dutch tv-guide Veronica.

Good click

Van Gelder took Beatrix initially intimidating, but felt at a given moment, a good click with her.

“And, well, when things went wrong. “Can I ask something?’ I said. ‘It’s very strange, but I would have a signature for my children?’ (…) Unfortunately, this has proved to Bea one exit too far. Her face verstrakte. (…) She looked at me with a scathing look, and the conversation was immediately over. The person who encounters guided, pushed me through and I was drained.”

Nonetheless, Van Gelder will do: “Today, posing Willem-Alexander and Máxima plenty for selfies with the kids, when they are somewhere in the country.”


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