Hadewych Minis is going to dance in show

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Hadewych Minis is in her first solo performance Minis Plus in addition to acting and singing also dance. That she told on Tuesday at the presentation of the playlist of her performance, which she is this season by the Netherlands travels.

“For the show, I have written about motherhood to midlife crisis,” she explains. “I’m going to partly own music but also covers. And I dance for the first time on the stage.”

The actress has to say always felt the need for limits and focus on new ways to express themselves. “I’ve been with two choreographers worked on a flamenco to the rhythm of the words of the speech that Oprah Winfrey loved at the Golden Globes on #TimesUp. And I’m going to a hip-hop choreography dance about a battle between strength and vulnerability.”

Feminist argument

In the presentation explores Minis the ’woman-in all aspects’. “I think a lot of women of my age are busy with the question of where they stand in life, how they want to position ourselves,” explains the actress. “Where do I go, what is required of me this thing? Of course, you’re never just one woman. I am a mother, wife, actress, daughter, singer, wife, friend, and neighbor. It is a challenge to combine and to make it a success.”

All these facets need to be reviewed in her new show, 5 november in première in theater De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. “I want personal stories to try to paint a picture of the woman in the year 2018, without that I explicitly feminist plea or plea’m going to keep,” explains Minnie.

Old school

The actress is currently Minis Plus writing; the first try-outs are this summer at festival De Parade. “I have a local in an old school building where I myself force to the writing of texts and the conception of acts,” she says. “My family gives me the time and space to be here all of my energy to stop. Creativity sometimes you have to enforce; I have, fortunately, a stick behind the door, because the tour is booked. In two months I have something that I am proud of, and behind stand.”

The ticket sales for the tour is this week started with the playing schedule is Tuesday on its website. Minis was to 2013 associated with Toneelgroep Amsterdam. In addition, she played in countless films and series. She won two Golden Calves, for Borgman, and Blood, sweat and tears. She brought two albums.

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