French officials en masse in the defence against reform

41bc890eaa93c74fee43ea722717a3d5 - French officials en masse in the defence against reform

The resistance against the reform of the French president Emmanuel Macron reached its peak. For the first time in eight years the nine major unions on the same day actions. Across the country, the government departments, schools and crèches are closed and public transport severely disrupted. There are also about 170 demonstrations on its feet.

Macron wants the government departments in-depth reform. This would, by 2022, some 120,000 ambtenarenjobs disappear. The trade unions fear that that will also translate into worse service. In addition, the unions also complained about low wage increases, and they want the employers on the first day of sickness, the wages continue to cash out. .

The protest is at its fiercest at the national railway company SNCF. The past few months there has been repeatedly discontinued for a partial privatisation of the railways. Also after today, the actions still by. Also, the airline strike, so at some airports severely affected.

The crèches will remain on many places close, while in other places, the opening hours are limited. In schools there are estimated to be 20 percent of the teachers were not at work. French media are reporting that access to some schools completely closed, sometimes with the support of the students.

Also within the energy sector is called for a strike, but the dreaded power or gasonderbrekingen is, for now, no question. Also the staff of the health care sector is well represented on the various demonstrations, but also there, the service is nowhere in danger.


Macron leave for the time being, was not convinced. The previous actions were for him to have little concept of numeracy. Also today he has other priorities: the president pulls today to the banlieus, there are plans on the approach of the deprived.

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