Followed by world cup, determined striker

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Paolo Guerrero participation in the world cup this summer in Russia permanently forgotten.

Paolo Guerrero

The 34-year-old captain of Peru hoped, in a personal interview with president Gianni Infantino of the wereldvoetbalbond FIFA on leniency. After a mutual conversation, in which also back Edwin Oviedo was present, got Guerrero no dispensation. He is suspended, because in a doping test traces of cocaine in him were found.

“We have a lot of understanding for his situation and for his disappointment, but the highest criminal court in the world of sports has this penalty once imposed”, ordered the FIFA know.

Guerrero was initially for a year, suspended by the FIFA. After an appeal went in there a half a year off, so he recently released his comeback could make for Flamengo. The global antidopingbureau WADA stepped to the international sporttribunaal CAS and that certain that Guerrero a suspension of fourteen months deserves.

Guerrero got in his case under the more support from the international spelersvakbond FIFPro, but that should nor income.

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