FIFA and WADA cease dopingzaak against players Russian world cup selection

252f63bee0c09890ae5ca0d3c9ab8ecc - FIFA and WADA cease dopingzaak against players Russian world cup selection

The FIFA has on Tuesday the investigation into possible doping at all players from the provisional 28-man world cup selection of host country Russia closed. According to the wereldvoetbalbond, there is insufficient evidence that Russian internationals, the regulations have been breached.

The global antidopingbureau WADA has agreed with the decision of the FIFA to this matter to rest. The investigation of some other Russian players who are not up to the provisional world cup selection of coach Stanislav Cherchesov are, still running.

“FIFA and WADA will continue to collaborate in this matter. As we are about this news, we will do that”, says FIFA in a statement.

June last year, reported British media that the Russian world cup selection in 2014 was suspected of doping. At least 34 Russian players would irregularities are found at urinetesten.

Among them, of all the players that came into action on the 2014 world cup in Brazil. That tournament was Russia in the group stage turned off.


According to the report of the Canadian researcher Richard McLaren have more than a thousand Russian athletes in the period 2011 to 2015 guilty of doping. They come out in more than thirty different sports, including football.

As a result of the much-debated report were a lot of Russians banned from the Olympic Games of 2014 in Rio de Janeiro and if only a small number of Russians, under the neutral flag to participate in the Olympics in 2016.

Russia recognised some of the findings of the McLaren report, but denies that there is a state driven dopingnetwerk existed.


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