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CryptoAds works with ether zero to synergy to achieve effects

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CrytpoAds Marketplace, has announced that the company will enter into a strategic partnership with ethers, zero (ETZ), the State-of-the-Art Smart contract platform that offers a new Generation of public Blockchain technology.

CryptoAds is the latest Version of CFC (CallsFreeCalls), which was developed as a VOIP System, with the user free calls to any of the persons can make, the platform is sponsored by advertisers.

With CryptoAds, the company expanded the reach of its digital Branding-sales functions and also to protect brokers and other intermediaries by Smart Contracs. Their recent partnership with ethers, zero, this indicates that the company wants to provide its users with the fastest and best Service.

CryptoAds ( will use the Blockchain technology, ETC, with the aim of providing their customers with better and more affordable services are just a with Ethereum.

Their overall goal is the provision of platform stability, flexibility, and scalability. CryptoAds is a decentralized advertising sales headquarters, which will enable marketers to dynamic digital Branding strategies to introduce by you can publish their advertising products in a variety of Multimedia formats to an unlimited number of platforms-all from KI – and Blockchain-technologies driven.

Advertisers can deploy native Videos or mobile In-App Ads, standard video clips-vertical and 360-degree video ads, Banner or other digital ad medium. In the meantime, platforms that offer space for marketers to be able to use, your target audience statistics, methods, content delivery and Hosting options, to communicate directly with potential advertisers in contact.

The Singapore-based FirmaETZ ( is a Smart-Contract-development of next-Generation platform, which was developed by a global Team of self-professional and technical Geeks called. It is a hard-fought project, based on the Ethereum Framework that was developed to offer DAPP developers and users a safe and secure environment.

ETC used a Double-Layer network structure – a MasterNode-network and a Proof-of-Work-node network – which means that the platform enables tens of thousands of Transfers per second together with an Autonomous Community Governance System with no transaction fees.

These skills are the reason why Oleksii Vinogradov, the founder and CEO of CrytpoAds, a partnership with the ETC decided to (loosely translated):

The volume of the digital advertising market is growing rapidly. According to our estimates, this growth will be worn in the coming years from small platforms around the world. The existing rules of the game hinder soft this rapid growth, in many respects , and should therefore new Blockchain solutions. We CryptoAds create a marketplace that is comfortable and free from fraud. In partnership with ethers, zero, we guarantee fast and secure transactions for the entire media market

ETZ, in turn, will provide media support within your Community as well as technical support for the Integration of your framework in CryptoAds App. Gary Luo, CEO of ETC, says:

We are very happy about the cooperation with real-world projects, based on real products and users, such as CryptoAds Marketplace. As a result, our companies can increase the involvement of users and the Community to expand. the Blockchain is used in the real business.

CryptoAds is currently in the first Phase of the ICO pre-sale until December 24. May be running, with a minimum purchase of 1,000 CRAD-Token and a discount of 30%.

The pre-sale period will run until 16. June 2018 with a decrease in the minimum purchase requirements and discounts. The public Token sale begins on 16. June and runs until 17. Of July 2018.

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