Confusion about cv proposed Italian prime minister

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Guiseppe Conte, in Italy, was nominated as prime minister, mentions on his cv that he was a training course at the New York University. But the university know nothing about it.

Now the 53-year-old Conte as a great unknown to the front is pushed by the Vijsterrenbeweging and Lega to the new prime minister of Italy, went to the Italian press looking for more information about his background. Giuseppe Conte is not only a professor and longtime lawyer: his cv includes an impressive number of courses and workplaces abroad.

As mentioned Conte that he was working on some famous universities, waardonder the French Sorbonne university, the American Yale and the British Girton College. Between 2008 and 2012 would Conte also followed classes at the city University of New York, where he worked during the summer months, each time for at least a month bijschoolde.

‘No person found’

When The New York Times, to which latter university called, came the staff, however, out of the blue. “We have in our records no person found, under the name “Giuseppe Conte”,” she said. ‘As a student and not as an employee of our institution.’

The university noticed, however, that it is possible that Conte short courses followed. The names of participants are not tracked in the database.

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