Belgian IS-fighter sentenced to death in Iraq

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Tarik Jadaoun, one of the most famous living Belgian members of Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and sentenced to death.

Jadaoun, that is also known under the strijdersnaam Abu Hamza Al-Belgiki, was in 2014 joined. Last year he was arrested during the battle for Mosul, the former ‘capital’ of IS in Iraq.

The Syriëstrijder from Verviers had over the past months for the court in Baghdad to defend for ‘membership’ and ‘perform attacks’. During the process, minimized it his role. “I was no warrior. I led for a department of nurses, I was responsible for everyone. I have worked in the hospital al-Joumhouriya in Mosul and in mobile hospitals in Makhoul and in Bayji, ” he said. “I’m sorry. I was on a wrong track and ended up and want to appeal to your goodness.’

In 2014, he gave another interview to the French tv channel France 2, in which he attacks threatened. ‘You will never be safe. (…) We know how the boundaries have to cross, and we are not afraid of the police. I’ve got a plan in my head, ” he said.

In online video messages called Jadaoun then again western jihadi’s to terrorist attacks. On his facebook profile he posted a photo of the ‘first dead’: a Kurdish soldier.

The IS-warrior is now sentenced to death, but would still be able to appeal.

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