AVROTROS threatens NPO with right about Radio 2

aa57b04970226c6250ab083adfcb331a - AVROTROS threatens NPO with right about Radio 2

AVROTROS want to go to the administrative steps if NPO-dj Annemieke Schollaardt no decent place in the new program schedule of Radio 2.

A spokesman has a message about the AD Tuesday confirmed. AVROTROS stresses, moreover, to assume that this step is not necessary.

Earlier this month, the independent board of the NPO and the broadcasting right in her objections to the proposal that Schollaardt its “lock” on the transmitter would share with Rob Stenders.

NPO is now working on a new schedule after the summer vacation should start. There is an important hole in the programming because Gerard Ekdom the NPO trades for the Radio 10 by John de Mol. In the new programming expected AVROTROS a “prominent place” for her dj.

Schollaardt stepped in mid-2017 at the request of the NPO on 3FM at Radio 2. When Rob Stenders returned to BNNVARA, proposed NPO that the two dj’s now, along the period between two and four would share. This drew AVROTROS protest to the arbitration board, that the broadcasting right.

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