Arie Boomsma used threatening language to VI-men’s

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Arie Boomsma late Monday in an interview to know sometimes ’a few skulls to want to cleave’ when he the reactions of the men of the program Football Inside hear.

“Do you know what a pity it is, I think sometimes even just ‘I go over there and wish those guys blows, but that is my first thought by the way!'” says Arie after the presenters of First him a clip from Soccer Inside show, where René van der Jibe and Johan Derksen quite a comment on the program Out of the Closet.

Arie recognizes itself not in the criticism of the voetbalcommentatoren and explains that the program which he formerly presented, for the participants of the positive things it brings. “If I make this kind of things occasionally look back or hear than I cook of course. Then I really useful to have a few skulls to cleave sometimes”, he confesses.

The tall presenter adds: “I would really like to live with the boys in debate, and they will all corners of the studio.” He then says that when he is in the real encounter, the men defend themselves by saying that it is ’just tv’ and he ’should understand’. “Then they are a bit bangig. They will never say something in that program where their target audience don’t agree with that. They tackle would prefer gays, transgenders, Sylvana Simons, you know. People who are already a lot of blows, ” and pissing she likes it. I find it very weak tv makers,” says Arie.

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