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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak compares Ethereum (ETH) with 80s Apple

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak likened the modern Ethereum with Apple in the ‘ 80s. This comparison came to be on the WeAreDevelopers Tech conference in Vienna, he also said that Ethereum could be just as influential as Apple. He believes that Blockchain will lead the next big IT Revolution.

As trust nodes reported, added Wozniak:

“Ethereum is interesting to me because it can do things, and because it is a platform. When we started Apple, our Apple 2 Computer a platform. Here is all the documentation, everything is Open Source, you can, as you develop parts, look at the examples that we have made. How to develop Software, how to change the Software here. It was a platform for others, so that thousands of companies were founded. Sometimes children founded the high school of their own company and then they put small Ads in small electronic magazines, Ads for my product, for the Apple 2. Everyone in the world campaigned for us. So the world can grow with platforms, by opening itself to millions of other intelligent people.“

According to Forbes, Wozniak was invested in the early years of Bitcoin and Ethereum, although he has stopped at the beginning of 2018 to invest in crypto. Wozniak said that he still has a Bitcoin (BTC), and two Ethereum (ETH), to experiment “with Pay for other things.”

Wozniak spoke not only about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain. He also spoke about topics such as Tesla, and the data loss scandal, from Cambridge Analytica. He said:

“We have lost our security a long time ago. We have lost our privacy and it was abused. When I think that I have a certain degree of privacy, I, fraud. And that bothers me. I’ve reached a Limit. I can’t take. It is a step in a long series of steps that all go in the same direction. “

The Apple co-founder is still part of the technology world, and has founded the programmers Academy Woz University, which has 31 coding centers in the United States.

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