Anthony Hopkins may have grandchildren

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Anthony Hopkins has twenty years of no contact with his only child, daughter Abigail. To Radio Times, he told me that he would not know whether or not he grandchildren.

The actor would just grandfather can be

“I haven’t the foggiest idea. People break relationships,” said Sir Anthony, who doesn’t mind that seems to sit. “Families become divided, and you go on with your life. Everyone makes their own choices. It does not matter to me. That is cold, but life is bleak.”

The now 48-year-old Abigail goes according to the Daily Mail with a different last name through life, because they are independent a career as a theatre director wanted to build up. Her parents divorced when she was four, and she is raised by her mother, Petronella Barker, the first wife of Anthony. The 80-year-old actor is now for the third time married.

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