After a cold shower, and North Korea also plays a Trump, a co-nietesspelletje

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During his meeting with the South Korean president, Moon has a Trump to let us know that he is not sure whether the planned summit with North Korea will continue.

“Or the meeting between myself and Kim Jong-un (president of North Korea, eds.) to continue, you will soon come to know’, told the American president Donald Trump to news agency Bloomberg. A moment later he dropped in the AP news agency noted that there was ‘a real risk’ exists that the summit on June 12 in Singapore not continue. “If it’s not happening, then it happens, perhaps later, decided to Trump, who after a few talks with his South Korean counterpart, Moon not so keen it seems on a round of negotiations with the North Koreans.

Moon would Trump have made clear that the U.s. demand for North Korea to fully denucleariseren probably would not be gewilligd. That would be a spanner in the works throw of ‘the vredesgesprek of the century’, that a detente between the U.S. and North Korea had to happen.


But also the vitriolic message of Kim Jong-un, who last week reported that North Korea loathes the American security adviser John Bolton ” and ” not interested in a one-sided nuclear disarmament’ – fell may not be in the good earth by president Trump. That last one seems the welles-nietesspelletje of the North Korean leader, which gave it a cold shower gave, now taken to have.

Or a successful summit’s on June 12 to one united Korea without international tensions will lead, is doubtful. Such a reunification was already spoken in 1972, in 1990, in 2000 and in 2007. Each time without result. Few South Koreans believe in.


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