15 players away at Sparta

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The degraded Sparta goes next year with a lot of places changed team trying to promote to the Eredivisie.

Sander Fischer (center)

The club made Tuesday announced that farewell is taken of fifteen players. The club will not proceed with Leonard Nienhuis, Sander Fischer, Ryan Sanusi, Paco van Moorsel, Loris Brogno and Nick Proschwitz. Further times, the ‘mercenaries’ Robert Mühren, Dabney Dos Santos, Miquel Nelom and Fred Friday, not back.

For various reasons, hooked Craig Goodwin, Jannik Huth, Soufyan Ahannach and Michiel Kramer previously. Michel Breuer stops and starts as a trainer in the youth academy at the club.

Previously, it was clear that the citizens of Rotterdam Henk Fraser as a new trainer. Last season was the first Alex Pastor for the group. Dick Advocaat took over and relegated eventually with Sparta.


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