Zidane impressed by Liverpool

dba84c9867123311e79c30aec1f0eb66 - Zidane impressed by Liverpool

Trainer Zinedine Zidane can Saturday with Real Madrid for the third year in a row, the Champions League win, but the Frenchman foresees an uphill task for his team in the final against Liverpool.

Zinedine Zidane

“I think this is the toughest final for us is going to be,” said Zidane. “We should certainly not think that Liverpool would be weaker than the teams that we have in the previous years, found, integendeels even. They have played well and teams off.”

Real beat fellow-townsman Atlético Madrid two years ago through penalty, last season overklaste the team of Zidane in the final Juventus with 4-1. Now the ‘Royal’ in Kiev in front of Liverpool. “It is an English team and never give in”, so know Zidane.

“Liverpool has not only physical strength, but technically, they are also very good. They have great players with a lot of speed.”

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