Yvon Jaspers also scores with struggling farmers

88beac75e4ebef1e9b6948dcef9a25db - Yvon Jaspers also scores with struggling farmers

Our Farm, the new program of Yvon Jaspers, attracted over 1.5 million viewers and was the best watched program on Sunday night. This is evident from the figures of Foundation for sight examination.

Yvon Jaspers during a perslunch at a number of farmers from the new program to Our farm.

In the four-part series on NPO 1 let Yvon Jaspers see how it is in an agricultural business. She goes along with various farms, including farmers who over the past years, in Farmer wants a Wife for the camera, which is hard to compete for their business to survive.

This trumps the earlier audience The Wall of Winston Gerschtanowitz. Where previously between 900,000 and 1.1 million viewers scored with the Bankgiro Lottery program, reached the now just like last week versus the kick-off of Farmer wants a Wife, not even 700,000 people.

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