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With DASH CRWD Token buy: CONDA cooperates with DASH

675b1106c2ff52105ee76f9a33b25a6d - With DASH CRWD Token buy: CONDA cooperates with DASH

CONDA, a crowd financing platform from Austria, accepted in the framework of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), also DASH. Accordingly, interested investors can use DASH for the purchase of the CRWD Token, while the Austrian crowd funding platform has a further partnership.

CONDA is currently in the Whitelisting Phase of ICOs. The Whitelisting process is a prerequisite for an Investment in the ICO. All who register now already, to avoid any waiting times that may arise due to a larger influx of in June. With the completion of the Review in front of the crowd sale, all Listed as from 4 may. June invest. The CRWD Token can then be used in ETH, the Euro, and now also in DASH acquired.

With DASH CONDA accepted in accordance with market capital largest Kryoptowährungen. Thus, at the same time addressed a strong Community, the ICO – and crypto-savvy. The networking of the existing Communities, both CONDA, as well as DASH to benefit in a sustainable way.

A long-term cooperation between CONDA and DASH is currently in the planning stage.

“DASH is the only crypto-currency, which fulfilled the technical requirement for the function as digital cash. This fits perfectly with our goal to connect the old and the new financial world“,

Daniel Horak, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CONDA.

DASH – digital cash on a Blockchain-based

DASH is digital cash, crypto-currency, which was developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield. For this, he wanted to create an inflation-proof crypto-currency that is suitable for actual use in everyday life. In contrast to other crypto-currencies, DASH, has, in spite of the decentralized network through an organizational structure with clear distribution of tasks, budget authority and targeted decision-making hierarchy.

As well as the CRWD Token DASH is based on the Blockchain technology. The specially created network architecture and administration of the DASH is different currencies, the digital cash from other Crypto and provides for independence from external donors.

CRWD Network as a Next Step of crowd-funding

The CRWD Network, which is currently being developed by CONDA and its partners, the blockchain-based based on the new platform. The underlying Protocol would solve the Problem of the so-called Security Token. While many of the ICOs, the pure financing of the company serve, CONDA a step further, and revolutionize equity financing. In the process, investors and companies will benefit in the tokenized company shares all the benefits of the Blockchain and move – in contrast to many unregulated Initial Coin Offerings – in a legally-covered frame.

DASH in CRWD Network

Through the cooperation with DASH, it will DASH its Shareholders to acquire CRWD tokens and their digital currency to use – without the need to additionally your financial assets to attack.

“We are pleased to have the DASH for the CRWD Network won – a crypto-currency, we have confidence in itself and is well established around the world”,

Paul Pöltner, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of CONDA.

“The cooperation with CONDA is a further step for DASH on the way to mass-market use and acceptance. With CONDA, we rely on a recognized platform provider, whose high standards of transparency and safety with our ceilings“,

since says Jan Heinrich Meyer, managing Director and founder of the Dash Embassy – CH.

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