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Wall Street is now dealing with crypto currencies – What this means for EOS?

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EOS is a Blockchain-technology-based platform and is used for the development of scalable, decentralized Apps. The Team of the project contains many crypto-experts and Wall Street want to make it clear that crypto-currencies are here to stay.

As one of the world’s leading organizations in the crypto-world of EOS relies on ideas that could provide the technology and Finance industry, very quickly on the head. Within the Blockchain-Community EOS is sometimes referred to as the Ethereum-Killer, and there are good reasons why this is so.

EOS indicates that your platform is the best platform for the development of decentralized Apps. You want to remove the need for transaction fees, and yet the network is scalable and flexible enough to support thousands of commercial Dapps and transactions. At the same time, the network will freeze in the position-specific Apps and repair, if necessary.

EOS is, however, still in the last ICO Phase and is not yet in an advanced Phase, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Let’s see, what happened lately in the case of EOS, so that we can assess the ways in which these latest developments, the EOS-crypto ensuring performance can be improved (or not).

A Wall Street Banking Star joins EOS

EOS is successful because the investors know that the founding team contains many talents. You have the people you need to the ambitious Vision of EOS a reality.

David Larimer, CTO of the, this is a fantastic programmer who has already proven himself as an Innovator. His contributions to the crypto-currency industry are impressive.

For this purpose, Bitshares, Steem, and delegated Proof of Stake algorithm. Then we have Brenda Blumer, CEO of Graphene technology, was at the age of 15 years to Tech entrepreneurs.

A further exciting new personality has joined recently the Team. Mr Rob Waweru, CFO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, has resigned, according to a report by Coinspeaker his Position at the Bank, to EOS to join. The CBA stated that the resignation of Mr Waweru was effective immediately, because he “wanted a external role in Hong Kong”.

Only two hours later the Block (the organization behind EOS) announced that Mr Waweru, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company would be. They also made it clear that he would only join “later in the year after his notice period”.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of EOS, said:

“Rob has a proven track record in global financial services. He has been involved in innovations in industry, and facilitated the regulatory progress, which enabled the introduction of new technologies. His focus on our organizational priorities for the creation of compatible, high-performance Blockchain solutions is an ideal complement for the“

Prior to joining CBE, held Waweru positions at JPMorgan, General Electric Capital, McKinsey, Barclays, IFS and Credit Suisse, so that its credibility as a banking expert, without a doubt, is clear. His skills, experience, contacts and Reputation can for will only be of great benefit.

“The strong market reaction to the approach of has led to the fact that it is one of the fastest growing organizations in the world, and this will affect our future operating growth strategies,“ explains Waweru.

Wall Street is finally dealing with crypto currencies

Wall Street crypto, compared to currencies so far may not be very receptive. As the traditional financial industry met for the first time on Bitcoin, many were, however, clear and United in their aversion to such a “fraud”, “bubble”, “Ponzi scheme,” and so on.

However, if people like Mr. Rob Waweru leave the traditional banking system to the Blockchain-business connect, forcing the traditionalists to accept that crypto-currencies could actually be the inevitable future of money. It seems that some people on Wall Street realize this finally.

The former Goldman Sachs Partner and experienced Wall Street Investor Mike Novogratz is one of those Wall Street insiders who work whole-heartedly with crypto-currencies. He recently told CNN Money that

“It is virtually essential that every Investor has at least invested 1-2% of its portfolio in crypto-currencies. Everything else is almost irresponsible.“

Apart from the Win, Mr. Novogratz had to say something about the Blockchain technology itself. Investors should try to check and understand, because “these technologies are going to make in two to four years of each Vertical to a challenge”.

Crypto-currencies rise and it probably makes sense to keep EOS in the eye.

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