US acknowledges results of elections Venezuela not

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BUENOS AIRES – before the final results of the Venezuelan presidential election is known, the US has declared the results of them not to recognize. That said the minister of Foreign Affairs John Sullivan.

Nicolas Maduro.

All signs point to a re-election of the current head of state Nicolás Maduro. But under Maduro is the oil-rich country has fallen victim to a huge scarcity of goods, and poor economic conditions.

The election commission decided at the last moment the polling stations a few hours open longer would remain. According to a spokeswoman, there were some polling stations have long queues with people that their vote had to be cast. The opposition was vehemently against longer remain open. Follow them increases only the possibility of manipulation of the results in favor of Maduro.


Maduro has few challengers. The key political opponents of the leftist president are in prison, have fled or may not be a political office. In addition, boycott the oppositiecoalitie MUD the elections, because they fear for fraud by the government Maduro.

The U.S. is considering economic sanctions against Venezuela in the field of oil. Monday will be the election result, and any sanctions discussed at a meeting of the G20 in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.

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