Trainer Lazio takes The Free nothing amiss after cause crucial penalty

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Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi is not pointing an accusing finger in the direction of Stefan the-Free after causing a penalty in the important home match against Internazionale. The Romans lost on the last match day of the Serie A with 2-3 and walked as a placement for the Champions League miss.

The Free took twelve minutes before time, with a 2-1 lead for Lazio, Mauro Icardi down with a rash tackle in the penalty area. Icardi exploited itself the penalty, and then Inter in the final stage, even the victory picked up, and so the last Champions League ticket wegkaapte for the nose of Lazio.

For The Free was already a very fraught game, because the Orange-international this summer, as well as the transition from Lazio to Inter. According to Italian media he will be there for a five-year contract to sign.

That it is precisely The Free future team back into the game helped, it was Inzaghi’s no reason to relletje to create. “He played a great match”, complimented the coach the Dutchman.

“All he had that sliding is better not to be able to make. But it is definitely not only the fault of The Free. I have no regrets that I have him prepared.”


In the run-up to the duel, there was already discussion if The Free it should play in for both teams crucial game, but Inzaghi didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“I’m absolutely not worried about him, because I know that he is a true professional. I am convinced that he is the club, the fans and his teammates respect”, gave the Italian coach a few days before the race to know.

The Free was seven minutes before time, to the side taken out and was in tears in the dugout. There he saw that Lazio is lagging after a red card for Senad Lulic (and bankzitter Patric) with ten man no longer could bend.

Lazio, on the basis of a worse inter result Inter finishes, it continues next season is not completely devoid of European football. The club may as number five of the Series A participating in the Europa League.

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