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The first ICO on VeChainThor Blockchain starts on 25.05.2018

d7d12becd1be725706cc40546d31d82d - The first ICO on VeChainThor Blockchain starts on 25.05.2018

For a long time it’s been quiet on the VeChain project that delivered a complex and promising concept. This week, the first ICO is to be carried out at all on the VeChain platform. Furthermore, there was an Update of the white paper outlining the future goals of the developers.

After the VeChain in the past due to a partnership announcement with the German automotive manufacturer BMW has caused a stir, increased the public interest in the project.

VecChain pursuing the Vision to allow companies the widest possible market, to create transparency for consumers. The consumers should obtain detailed information about the purchased products will be validated by a zuverslässige source, the Blockchain, and transported.

The technology is therefore, among other things, for the sectors of anti-counterfeiting security plays a major role. Other areas of application are in the field of Supply Chain Management, brand protection, Asset Management, and food safety.

On 25.05.2018 the first ever on the VeChainThor Blockchain, held ICO to start. In the process, Plair is open at mentioned date the Private Sale is open for large investors.

Plair is based on a block chain-the gaming platform, the games of all kinds played, looked at, as well as commenting can be. With the involvement of the Communiy Management and communication tools, In-Game bets and analytical Tools to produce a new Amateur eSport gamer in the universe.

The CEO of the Plain Foundation, Patrick Tang, highlights the professionalism of the VeChain Community and is happy to handle other future projects on the platform (freely translated):

VeChain brings a powerful combination of professional advice, resources and Community support, which is required as a Premium-Blockchain-Partner. We look forward to work together to carry out pioneering work to help Gaming enthusiasts better.

The Hard Cap of the ICOs should be 30 million US dollars. The exact ratio of VET to PLA Tokens will be announced on 25.05.2018. We find the project and the Vision of VeChain very interesting and will be in the future, keep our eyes open.

Furthermore, VeChain has given the long-term development plan known here (click!) looked at can be.

The rate of VeChain was within the last 24 % to 5.51% and stands now at a price of 3.88 euros.

With a market capitalization of almost 2 billion euros VeChain ranks 16 of the largest crypto-currencies. The prices of other Kryptowähurungen can be viewed in our course overview.

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