Swiss girl in bed of Louis Flion

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Since the beginning of last week, there is a Swiss girl and repealed by Louis Flion. Even more, she would be the bed of the 20-year-old singer have completely co-opted. What is exactly going on?

“I have a good explanation for,” says Louis of shore. “Sira (19) comes from Switzerland and is currently attracting around the world with Up With People, a group of young people worldwide performances. She dances in the shows and we are her family now that she is in Bruges occurs. It is true, indeed, that she is in my room sleeping. Even more…she sleeps for a week in my bed.”, reveals the singer.

That means that there is more going on? “Not really, no. Sira may have been in my bed sleeping, I sleep braafjes on the ground. Women hey!”, laughs Louis. But what is he really her? “I must admit that, as in Belgium they lived, I would not doubt it. It is a hugely sympathetic, cool and handsome girl. Actually exactly what I need. She wanted to last weekend at one of my gigs and we made together a vlog soon on my YouTube channel. But anyway, she lives in Switzerland. I’ve also always bad luck hey!”, decision Louis Flion.

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