Pompeo promises Iran the toughest sanctions’

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WASHINGTON – The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo has said that his country has the strictest sanctions in history’ on Iran will impose. Pompeo did the ruling in Washington during his first major speech as minister.

Mike Pompeo

The American president Donald Trump announced 8 may that his country’s nuclear deal with Iran from 2015 to cancel and again economic sanctions against the country set. With the sanctions, like the U.S., according to Pompeo ,,unprecedented financial pressure’ to carry on the government in Tehran to the dominance of Iran in the Middle East to reduce. ,,The recently introduced sanctions are just the beginning,’ said Pompeo.

The minister took the twelve demands on Iran and said the sanctions will only be lit up and Washington, dc, tangible shifts in the Iranian policy.

So should Iran support to the Houthi militias in Yemen and the Taliban in Afghanistan immediately to stop. Also, should Tehran its troops out of Syria to withdraw. ,,Iran under the umbrella of the nuclear agreement wars by proxy being waged in the Middle East. Until the day of today is lying, Iran is still about his true intentions. The country is the biggest financier of terrorism,’ said Pompeo.

,,Iran must never be a license to get to the Middle East to dominate,” said Pompeo. The U.S. wants to continue to work with allies in the region to the influence of Iran to reduce. We must ensure that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon. Tehran must inspectors in the whole country grant unrestricted access to nuclear facilities.’

According to Pompeo was the deal with Iran is bad for all concerned and for the whole world.

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