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PavoCoin PreSale starts, Keith Teare joins Advisory Board

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Pavo is an Internet of Things (IoT)-the Blockchain-a platform to enable farmers to manage their crops from seed to consumption. A Veteran of the digital entrepreneurship, Keith Teare, has joined the Advisory Board of Pavo.

Teare is one or the other, perhaps best known as a founding Fellow of TechCrunch known. As a self-employed entrepreneur, he has invested in the past, Often successful in companies such as Accelerated Digital Ventures, Archimedes Labs, and Minds and Machines Inc. and has co-founded or chaired.

Pavo is an IoT Blockchain solution for the global Ecosystem of agriculture. The platform should allow farmers to make smarter and faster farming and business decisions, based on real – time data.

The main feature of the application is that it gives the farmers the ability to analyze optimal cultivation techniques, to adapt and to manage the cultivation and harvest of anywhere in the world.

In other words, a farmer can grow in various places worldwide fruit and is able to analyze its fields, and to manage them centrally. With Pavo farmers can record their entire crop, evaluate and analyze, from planting and Sprühaufzeichnungen to the delivery of the fruit. All in all, it can cost farmers labour and productivity, accurately track.

Teare says that he is excited by Pavos platform, because he is a big Fan of how Pavo the Internet of things and Blockchain-combines technology with each other to make the world a better place. Teare, of the numerous Tech-founded Startups, from (freely translated):

It has become part of my life purpose, to look for projects and support have a maximum impact on the future of the industry. Pavo is one of these companies, what is the Blockchain and the latest in IoT technology together in such a way that the future of agriculture as we know it, is forever changed. Agriculture is the lifeblood of human action and success, that is why it is important to develop tools that farmers and farmers of Tomorrow need.

The development team of Pavo wants to do just that. By the year 2050 the world is expected to rise from 7.5 billion to 10 billion people.

The agricultural activity, which is required in order to meet growing demand, will have far-reaching have an impact on the environment to be prepared for what environmentalists today.

Pavo is a tool, which can help to reduce the agricultural pressure on the environment by the irrigation and power consumption is monitored, and the coordination of the Supply Chain. The project aims to enable the agriculture to use resources in the best possible way to achieve higher yields and to increase the ecological sustainability.

Pavos CEO and co-founder Erhan Cakmak, said that he was thrilled, as Teare joined the Advisory Board of the company.

Keith has proven successful in the management of companies that operate ICOs,. He is looking for a high Standard of business and technical potential, supported by a strong development team, and we know that we will benefit from his many years of experience, helping to make great companies successful. Our platform is based on two innovative pillars, IoT and Blockchain, and we are striving to develop a truly groundbreaking Tool for agriculture.

The development team of the project has already experience with the introduction of modern Internet-of-things technologies in agriculture. The Team has already helped in Europe in the improvement of the yields of almonds and hazelnuts, with its technologies.

In addition, Pavo with PavoCoin (PAVO) will take a crypto-currency for the entire Ecosystem of agriculture on the market of new financial services to enable cheaper, faster and non-cash payments for the agriculture industry.

With the PAVO-Token breeders, producers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers in the Pavo network can accept digital payments from your customers and Community members. Because it is based on the Blockchain technology, are all transactions in the entire Ecosystem in a transparent and secure.

The PavoCoin ICO Pre-Sale starts at 10. April 2018. During the Pre-Sales of the Token with a 33% discount will be offered for a minimum purchase of 10,000 Pavo. The public Token sale is on 12. June start.

Pavo is working with ICOBox, one of the world’s leading SaaS solution for companies that want to perform their own ICO.

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