Parody Israeli Songfestivalnummer divides viewers: ’Hatred’

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The new show of Sanne Wallis de Vries has equal controversy led. At the end came the comedian with a parody on the winning Songfestivalnummer of Israel, that a number of viewers not in the taste and a few are even quite anti-semitic was found.

Sanne Wallis de Vries

“My heaven, ( … ). Whoever invents this infantile, uncomfortable, in a way funny, texts?”, someone writes about the number one look-a-like of eurovision winner Netta Barzilai sang. Here were today, “screened at lyrics like:” Look how beautiful I bombs throw and about a celebration in the Al Aqsa Mosque, which stands still will soon be empty anyway’.

Another will find it not only uncomfortable, but speaks of outright ’Hatred’. “You’re going to them about your neck,” writes Joop Soesan, a consultant for European companies that do business in Israel. His criticism is not resented; opponents refer understand Israel segregation. It leads to great discord on the social platform.


Also, the ORGANIZATION responds cynically: “Hi Sanne Wallis, we heard your skit on the songfestivalnummer of Israel. Full of “hilarious” jokes about Jews and money and stuff. Laugh!” This places the foundation that stands up for the safety of the Jewish people, a picture in which they respond to the text of the song, and incorrect comments in it. So they go on the phrase ‘Throw a bukraket’, with the note: “Israel has not bukraketten. It is not polite to a moral tip to want to score by drame with MH17. That was, however, a bukraket.”

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