Nielson releaset new song Fireworks

0981c911f5f4c29959b0671cfd81acba - Nielson releaset new song Fireworks

Nielson has with the release of ‘Diamond’ to show that he was musically a new leaf. His new sound, sounds different, feels different and is different: an electronic, adult and international. This line put today he continues with his new song ‘Fireworks’. “High time for a new tune with a title that reveals what I was musically in store for you have this year; ‘ the Fireworks’. I’m greatly looking forward to this live to play during the club tour in december,” said Nielson. With ‘Diamond’, scored Nielson his 9th Top 40 hit in the Netherlands. That song live is also a favourite with the fans and proved his action during the Liberation festival in the region earlier this month. ‘Diamond’ brought Nielson also his second number 1 hit in Suriname. Nielson is going to his new work live play during the club tour, which is scheduled for the end of 2018. On 13 december, he is in Trix, Antwerp.

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