Lech Poznan brutally punished for riots

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The Polish football club Lech Poznan have eight home games without audience.

A car is in the fire.

That is the punishment for the riots that Sunday night arose during the competition in their own stadium against Legia Warsaw. With a lead of 2-0 for Legia knew supporters of Lech Poznan in the match fifteen minutes before the time to stop by smoke bombs and fireworks onto the field to throw. They did it also in a fence to break open and the field.

The police need to intervene.

About 200 agents from the riot police had to take the rest back to bring in the Inea stadium in Poznan, which was also used during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012. The match was not resumed and converted into an official victory of 3-0 for Legia Warsaw, that as a result, for the thirteenth time, won the national championship.

The clubleiding of Lech Poznan was Monday at the table with the Polish authorities. Who decided that the club’s eight home games, no fans should allow: five for the competition and three for the Europa League.

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