Ken Livingstone get off Labourpartij

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LONDON – The former mayor of London Ken Livingstone leaves the Labourpartij, reports the BBC. He is already two years suspended by the party after allegations of anti-semitism. Livingstone says now that he allegations against him still do not accept, but that the attention for this case, the party does no good.

Ken Livingstone

Labourleider Jeremy Corbyn called the decision of Livingstone sorry, but the “right thing to do”.


In 2016 suspended Labour Livingstone after he in an interview with the BBC had said that Adolf Hitler in 1932 called for a relocation of Jews to the area that later became Israel. According to Livingstone supported Hitler zionism before he off and eventually 6 million jews killed.

Livingstone has always maintained that his comment is historically correct. But on Monday he added that he regrets that he is with his note, the Jewish community has been shocked and insulted.

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