Kanye West tweets about telefoonverslaving

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We are addicted to our smartphone. That argues for Kanye West on Twitter. In four tweets, he discusses the way in which we, with our mobile phone deal. “Google’s dopamine,” he writes in one of his tweets.

“There was once a time that we are totally without a smartphone could function,” writes the musician. “Now we’re addicted.” Then he compares the mobile phone with a hammer. “Can you see the smartphone as a tool, not as a duty.” He asks his followers whether they would walk with a hammer in their pocket. “Grabs you only have a hammer when you need him”, says Kanye. “Use your phone as a hammer. Grab him only if you need him.”

Then makes Kanye a note about Google. In a tweet he writes just Google dopamine.” Then, tap the he the documentary series The Century of the Self. The BBC sent in 2002. The series is about manipulation of the public by large corporations and politics. “It takes four hours, but after twenty minutes you understand what I mean,” writes Kanye.

In the documentary Edward Bernays to bid. He is the nephew of Sigmund Freud and has a smart campaign, according to Kanye in the last century that led to smoking women is generally accepted. “So it goes…”, he writes without further to indicate what the link is with the smartphoneverslaving where he put it in earlier tweets about.

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