Jan Van Looveren by eye of the needle

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On Sunday morning, there is on Radio 2 The Roundabout with Christel Van Dyck. Sunday morning, Jan Van Looveren along for a long time, but especially warm conversation. Everyone knows him as the Yuri but Jan is also a talented actor. However it started the career of Jan Van Looveren in a bakery, his own bakery even.

For many years pursued after Jan Van Looveren his dream: to be an actor. Go to school he did not like, study so neither. “I wanted to play, on a stage, I wanted to sing. That was all of my six years that I thought ‘that is perfect’. That I felt, that I wanted to do . That had to be done.” At home they were not with the desire of Jan once: to the studio Herman Teirlinck was not even negotiable. Jan followed the good counsel of his father and went with his hands to the battle, and received training as a baker. That he is a bakery bought one that was a impulsive decision he took when he was 21 years old. “That was on a Saturday or a Sunday. I was the night before uitgeweest, had some pints drunk when a friend of my told me that there is a bakery in Chapels was for sale.” The baker was the one on the other day stopped and the store had been closed. With a hangover is Jan to the bakery drove, he had 5 million Belgian Francs to pay, and had a 10% deposit pay. Without his parents to inform bought Jan a bakery, barely one week later, Jan, was already in the bakery with one bakkersgast. Eventually he would in that case 7 people employ. On peak days baked Jan even of 2,000 rolls. A bakery run, that was a hard labor. And then combined Jan his bakery with a training as an actor. But acting in combination with his work as a baker, that was not to do so. Jan Van Looveren was at night and in the morning in his bakery, the passion for tonal was so great that he fully went for.

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