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It is final: VAR also present during the world cup in Russia

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At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, going there soon for the first time in the history videorefs to get started on a world cup finals.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) decided that at the beginning of march already, and a little later was also confirmed by the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA.

During the world cup is the referee in all 64 matches will be assisted by a Video Assistant Referee. It is notable that the VAR is not in the vicinity of the stadium is present, as is the case in the matches of the Jupiler Pro League, but in a centralized Video Operation Room (VOR) in the capital Moscow. The images from the twelve world cup stadiums via a network of fiber optic cables to Moscow forwarded, where the VAR can access them. With the referee on the field is communicated via a radio link with optical fiber. That fast connections are required to cover the distances: 1.418 km in a nutshell is a Yekaterinburg is the farthest from Moscow, followed by Sochi (1.361 km) and Kaliningrad (eur1, 092 km).

The team in Moscow is in addition to the VAR also three assistants, each with specific tasks. The repetitions are served by four operators, they choose the best camera angles. They have the wedstrijdbeelden of the 33 cameras in the stadium, on the playing field: eight cameras can do everything in super slow motion show, six in ultra slow motion. In addition, there are also two buitenspelcamera’s whose images are only available for the VAR-team.

The videoref can at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia occur in four cases: goals not validate, strafschopfases review, red cards, confirm or disprove, and ‘mistaken identities’. “The world cup refs have clear instructions when they information about a phase of the videoref received, and when they video able to watch on the sidelines, before a decision”, was the FIFA. The videoref takes, incidentally, not making decisions, he can only be the ref on the field to assist. The final decision can only be taken by the head referee. The images available during the matches will also be shown to the spectators in the stadium and the television viewers.

With the advent of the videorefs is happening in Russia has been a piece of football history is written. In 2014 at the finals in Brazil was there for the first time made use of doellijntechnologie.

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