’I’m being followed by a pig!’

8732d6c0f8bdc6a44be5979f34ff2460 - ’I'm being followed by a pig!’

Amsterdam – A man who is 112 called with the statement ’I am chased by a pig’ was first not really taken seriously.

The stalker allowing a man so scared was that he was the police called.

It was assumed that the man in a drunken stupor. However, when the police of North Ridgeville in Ohio, but went to look, turned out to be the detector roll sober, and the pig really exist and is very persistent.

The American was en route from the train station to home when he noticed to be followed.

“Yes, truly a pig,” observes agent Kudzovic on the Facebook page of his desk. The pig is eventually housed by an animal shelter. It turned out the animal Zoey to be called and the owner picked him up.

Jokes on Facebook about a pig in the back of a police car, are not appreciated. “Not original,” writes Kudzovic.

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