How hard will Italy the eurospel play?

4598fbdfec1d71f0e536e86876d598aa - How hard will Italy the eurospel play?

BRUSSELS – The new Italian government is about to start, but does all the alarm bells in Brussels, off. The fear is that Italy lacquer will have on sound financial policy, understand now a little rest in the EU tent.

European Finance ministers, on Thursday gathered in Brussels for a Eurogroup, will immediately clarity of Italy requirements.

Now the question is: how hard dare to challenge the new rulers of the game to play? For that there is a neighborhood of eurokritisch sound from Rome will sound, is clear. European Finance ministers, Thursday meeting in Brussels, will immediately clarity requirements.


The worrying figures for Italy are well known: with a national debt of over 130 per cent – the European standard is a maximum of 60 percent – the country is after Greece, the worst boy of the class. But where Greece, a tiny country, Italy is the third economy of the eurozone.

It also leads immediately to put things in perspective in the Brussels ranks. A new euro crisis? Ah, the Italian economy is so large that we would not be able to save, what it sounds like.


The Italian government wants to more than 100 billion euros per year, more money, money that is not there at all. An ongoing collision with Brussels and other member states is in the offing.

The hope in Brussels is that the financial markets the Italian government to reason will force. Out of fear for the financial fumbling is the interest rate differential with Germany increased substantially. Discipline and markttucht, words that the new rulers only but still razender will make.

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