Greek mayor beaten up during the commemoration: ‘It was a nightmare’

3a407312ae60bf61519c757e3de5dcff - Greek mayor beaten up during the commemoration: ‘It was a nightmare’

The mayor of Thessaloniki is at a cermony beaten up by extreme right-wing nationalists. Two persons have been arrested.

A dozen people belaagden Yiannis Boutaris then that Saturday, a memorial service attended by what in Greece is known as the ‘Greek genocide’. They commemorated the ethnic Greeks by the Turks are killed during the First world War.

The mayor of the second largest city of Greece and was on the ground, thrown, and kicked. “It was a nightmare,” said the 75-year-old mayor after he Sunday the hospital had been allowed to leave. “They beat me everywhere, with their fists and feet.’

Yiannis Boutaris is known for its antinationalistische views and is an outspoken advocate of multiculturalism. He has the construction of a mosque in the city supported and he is the driving force behind a new Holocaust museum. That he called a ” beacon against racism and fascism’.


Meanwhile, two men arrested. One of the people who has been arrested, a 36-year-old man who already for robberies has been arrested. The other is a 20-year-old, known, has, says the police. The young man says that he was angered by a ruling of Boutaris about better relations with Turkey.

The police encourages other suspects. According to her, to the extreme right-wing scum’.

Some extreme right-wing Greeks praised the attack. “This is the fate of traitors’, tweette the mayor of Mycenae-Argos, of the centre-right opposition party, Nea Dimokratia.

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras calls the attackers extremist right-wing bullies the consequences of their actions should carry.

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