Government-Trump threatens “toughest sanctions ever” against Iran

af594ec9ec1e0675bfd55b2a5d2478e9 - Government-Trump threatens "toughest sanctions ever" against Iran

The Us government is going to unprecedented financial pressure on Iran. ‘Iran will have to fight for the economy to keep it running, ” says minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo. Iran calls on the EU, meanwhile, guarantees that the economic aspect of the nuclear agreement holds.

In his first important speech made to the new American minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo, the ‘Plan B’ is known from the US, after president Donald Trump two weeks ago, the plug pulled out of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Pompeo called the twelve conditions that Tehran must meet in order to qualify for a new deal. In addition to many more requirements on the reduction of the nuclear programme, wants the government to Trump that Iran no longer interfere with the conflict in the Middle East. Pompeo favour, including, among others, to any Iranian troops in Syria and the support of Iran to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The former CIA chief, promised that the sanctions imposed by the US against Iran will not be adjusted as long as Iran policy has not changed. “We will have unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime threatened to Pompeo. ‘Iran will have trouble for the economy to keep it running.’

‘There will be for the leaders in Tehran no doubt as to our intentions’, decided Pompeo. ‘Iran will never have carte blanche to get to the Middle East to dominate.’

Iran asks EU to provide guarantees

The Iranian Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif calls on the European Union meanwhile, on the nuclear deal to save, but also is effective the investments in Iran to increase. Did that Zarif during a meeting with European Commissioner for Energy Miguel Arias Canete.

According to Zarif threat of large European companies, despite the EU’s support for the deal, to working with Iran to stop. Tehran calls on the Union within the next few weeks, with guarantees about the economic benefits which Iran promised to stop its nuclear weapons programme.

The German minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas asked the other signers of the Iran agreement in Buenos Aires, where the buitenlandministers of the G20 meet, to comply with the deal. “It means the face of an uncertain future as it is about the nuclear weapons of Iran. It’s not really about Iran, it’s about our own original security concerns, both the German and the European.’

Germany, France and Great Britain fighting since the withdrawal of America for the preservation of the deal. Also China and Russia want him to keep.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo does not come to the G20 summit. Also, the Russian and French ministers and the high representative of the foreign policy of the European Union are not present, so the chance is small that there is progress in the case.

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