Eurosceptic ’schuldencoalitie’ Italy almost around

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ROME – Nearly three months after the Italian elections will get Italy on Monday are likely to hear who is prime minister of a new cabinet. The leaders of the protestpartij M5S (Vijfsterrenbeweging) and of the right-populist Lega Nord, Luigi di Maio and Matteo Salvini, go to 17.30 and at 18.00 hours) past president Sergio Mattarella. They tell him, according to Italian media who the leader is of their eurosceptic governing coalition.

Luigi Di Maio (l) and Matteo Salvini.

The coalition is due to her plans with the money going to hurl and also to reduce taxes, by the critics, even though ‘the schuldencoalitie’. The two parties want no cuts and more, despite the fact that Italy is already a towering national debt.

The two are also internally divided parties after difficult negotiations agreed on a government of 58 pages. The implementation would be more than 100 billion euros in costs. They eventually agreed that an independent figure from outside its own ranks, premier, and not Di Maio or Salvini himself. Italian media called the 54-year-old professor and lawyer, Giuseppe Conte.

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