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Dogecoin Hard Fork: Dogethereum is to be built on the 30.03.2018

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Dogecoin has a strong Community and applies in the crypto world as an absolute fun project, without a serious Roadmap. As we have seen this year already, countless Hard Forks, it is difficult for a new project, a serious Advantage of the deduction are liable to win. In 5 days the first Hard Fork for Dogecoin. This Dogethereum (DOGX).

The announcement that Dogecoin was to be a test object for the Rinkeby-Testnet of Ethereum, had taken care of in the world of crypto-currency for attention. Dogethereum that shares the name with the Rinkyby project, including Dogethereum Bridge is known, is separate from Dogecoin. The new project is described as follows:

Dogethereum is new decentralized digital currency, it will be founded on a snapshot of popular Dogecoin, based on the ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions, and smart contracts.

Our goal is to push Doge currencies to the brand new direction, with no ASIC mining, speed and simplicity.

The Hard Fork will take place at the 30.03.2018 in block number 2157611.

Further technical Details are known so far:

  • ETHash Algorithm
  • No Presale and no ICO
  • Mining will be GPU Proof-of-Work available

On the official website there is still no Whitepaper to read. Furthermore, the Downloads, the Wallets do not work. The source code can be viewed. Everything points us to the seriousness of the project in doubt. A guide on how you can get Dogethereum, we do not at this point aware.

In our opinion, a further Hard was called Fork in the Plan, the attract the name of two prominent digital currencies, Ethereum, Dogecoin, abused, targeted attention. The value of Dogethereum for the crypto world is considered to be very low, so we advise against an Investment of any kind is quite clear.

This year, the Litecoin Cash Hard Fork already caused quite a stir, classified by Litecoin founder Charlie Lee immediately as a SCAM. In addition, MoneroV should secede from the Monero Blockchain. This zwielichte Hard Fork is seen by us is also very critical, has shifted now to a later date in April.

In conclusion, we can say that not all that glitters just because it is wearing a prominten name. As always, a healthy skepticism of duty in the crypto world, especially in the case of pending Hard Forks.

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