Defender Fischer has blush on the cheeks after degradation Sparta

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Sander Fischer was there Sunday reports after Sparta Rotterdam in favour of FC Emmen was relegated from the Premier league. The defender was of the opinion that the players and the club in the 1-3 lost return in his own house in the final of the play-offs had abandoned.

“I have the bedankrondje after the end of the race for the supporters with the blush on my cheeks walked. They have given us throughout the year supported. Those people, we have today done. That hurts,” said Fischer.

It ran on the field, even from the hand when a number of Sparta fans over the hoardings went up and the direction of the players of the home club walked to story to pick up. It would be even to a scuffle.

“I really don’t know whether that actually happened,” said Fischer. “When the threat of out began to be seen, we are, with all the players there, ran to the lot along with the stewards trying to appease. I understand the frustrations, but that you will not go physical on someone take it out. That’s not allowed.”

It looked at first very good for Sparta. After the doelpuntloze tie last Thursday in Emmen, joined the team Sunday fairly quickly on a 1-0 lead, but then it was still wrong.

“If it is not then more going as we want, then I think that a number of boys today are not at home. I think that you should always keep fighting and that this contest is not for everyone the case”, concluded Fischer.

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