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Bitcoin-adaptation: citizens in Florida can pay property tax with Bitcoin

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The adoption of Bitcoin continues to progress and the proliferation of block chain technology to grow and prosper. A County in Florida allowed from next month to its citizens, the reason to pay with Bitcoin, or Bitcoin to Cash. This is due to the collaboration with BitPay.

Nearly 500,000 citizens in the Region of Seminole County (Florida) you can pay from the next month of your tax with Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to Cash. This innovative step is due to the Initiative of the newly elected tax collector of the Region.

Joel Greenberg, who has just been again to the tax collector of the Landkreiseses selected that it only is appropriate with the technologies of today’s time to go.

To make a payment with Bitcoin is part of it, in his opinion, in any case, (freely translated):

We live in a world in which technology and access to services on-demand allows you to, with same day delivery and the expectation of a highly efficient customer service, and we should also expect this of our government.

The goal of my mandate is to make our customers experience faster, smarter and more efficient government services from the 18. Century into the 21st century. To bring century. One possibility is the introduction of crypto-currency to our payment options.

The authority is working with the payment service provider BitPay to payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash.

It will be possible for both the property tax, as well as the cost for the issuance of a leader to pay the license or national ID card with Bitcoin. There is no risk due to the volatility fluctuations of Bitcoin, since the Push will be converted into transaction (in Germany known as Instant or flash transfer) directly into dollars as soon as the amount is credited in Bitcoin.

By this measure, it is facilitated to the citizens of the Region to pay taxes, no matter where you are. Furthermore, the Region’s tax hoped for savings because banks charge high fees of between 2% and 3%, BitPay, however, only 1% processing fee.

This message encounters a large popularity in the population. Larry Pino, a local businessman, highlights the benefits of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies for today (freely translated):

To accept the decision, both crypto – as well as process payments through BitPay, reflects not only the convenience, of the Millennials with technology and its modern applications, but also the benefits that crypto-currencies have made lately.

Although it is probably controversial, is Greenberg’s action is undoubtedly the first of many on the way, the crypto-currency to legitimacy.

This is only a positive vote of the citizens of the County Seminole in Florida. We can support this development and are excited to see whether other authorities of this milestone as a role model, and a similar path.

BitPay is one of the largest payment service provider in the world with over 100,000 active customers, that offers since the end of March of this year, in addition to Bitcoin also Bitcoin Cash for the dealer.

The price of Bitcoin moves within the last 24 sideways, and recorded at the time of writing, a increase of 3.24 percent , and rises to a price of 7.271,50€. The market capitalization is € 123 billion. In our course overview, you can check the prices of other crypto-currencies.

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